Friday, July 27, 2012

Time to Go, Rocco Palmo: Orthodoxy is not a "faction" in the Church

Rocco: take it back. Orthodoxy is not a "faction" in the Church.

Report the facts or retreat into blessed silence next time you are tempted to write screed like this:

"After a half-century of occupants accused by conservatives of soft-pedaling church teaching in favor of a more conciliatory approach toward constituencies ranging from gays and lesbians to Nancy Pelosi -- a group of prelates among which even the recently-retired lead guardian of church doctrine, Cardinal William Levada, was not exempt from stinging criticism -- the move delivers the long-desired "Holy Grail" of the American Catholic Right firmly into the faction's hands, in the form of a prelate already known widely both for his forcefulness and a stringent doctrinal cred almost unequaled among his confreres on the national bench."

His post here:

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timh said...

Hopefully, yes, he will take it back. Hopefully, he's just fallen into his own trap - words for words sake. He has progressively, over the past few years, gotten harder and harder to understand - so many innuendos and sly references, references to his own previous articles, and allusions to what he knows and we don't...

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