Friday, September 9, 2011

Video: DC Padres win 4-3

NEW: Short video of DC Padres first game of the season

Yesterday at Bowie Baysox Stadium the DC Padres, a team comprised of priests and seminarians of the Archdiocese of Washington, won a matchup with college and high school students 4-3. In photo above, the team group shot and, below, the game-winning hit by Father Larry Young.

Father Larry Young writes:


That was one heck of a way to start this thing off! Most fun I've had in a long time, and maybe ever.

Special kudos to Fr. Fisher for getting things rolling on the mound. Seemed like we kept going out there and coming back to the dugout awfully quick. Love the old school wind up and kids stepping into the bucket followed by "STTEEERRRRIKE!". (Seminarian) Adam, you played a tremendous game anchoring us at the plate! Sweet single at the end and nice rbi sac fly earlier. (Seminarian) Kevin, I forgive you for the blood blister on my hand from your throws from short. Can't remember everything it was such a blur. But I remember a nice rbi single by (Seminarian) John Paoletti.

That guy Fr Swink threw to was something I'll never forget. The smack in the mit of the final pitch of his at bat seemed to resound all around the stadium. I shouted "Yeah Lar!" and then immediately felt bad for the poor guy walking back to the dugout with his head down. When things fell apart in the top of the 6th, there was something humorous to me when I threw that bb to second and hit one guy right between the shoulder blades. If it was a snowball it would have been the perfect throw. Loved all the base stealing too. Felt like we were in the movie 'Field of Dreams' out there and we were all apparitions of ourselves from the past.

My brother caught a sweet picture of the game winning hit. I had already struck out earlier, and was determined not do so that time, so I made up my mind to swing at the next pitch no matter where it was. It was practically over my head based on where the catcher is holding his glove. I attached the team pic as well.

In the middle of such a great time we got the vocations message out there loud and clear too."

Father Young also writes that he is coordinating with The Heights varsity coach to schedule another game with that team in September or October. He also reports a possible location for the game at Povich field (

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Eagle1 said...

You got lucky. Wait'll next year Padre!
- Roger

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