Saturday, July 2, 2011

14th Sunday. "I will give you rest": in God we are restored to the Faith which is stronger than any discouragement or weariness in life

Weariness is part of the cycle of living.

At this point in the summer, some of our priests who face the transition to a new parish assignment may find themselves weary of packing and unpacking. Perhaps some who were looking forward to a break from the winter now realize they have become weary of the heat. Those who escape the mundane of home and the familiar by vacationing sometimes find themselves weary of vacation itself and find returning home a source of refreshment. The cycle of waking and sleeping, working and resting, being away on vacation and being at home, all of these point to our need for restoration and refreshment as part of the reality of being human.

Some people have been heard to say that they have become weary of faith and, tragically, respond by dropping out of attending Sunday Mass or giving up on daily prayer or failing to receive the Sacrament of confession after committing mortal sin.

For the full text of the homily for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, visit Meeting Christ in the Liturgy by clicking here.

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