Saturday, April 30, 2011


Swan cavorting at the mouth of the Limmat near Lake Zurich beyond the bridge in the distance.

View of church towers and domes of Zurich.

View of bridge and altstadt Zurich.

Interior of the Liebfrauen, dedicated to our Lady and one of the two Catholic churches in Zurich city center, both outside of the altstadt which since the Protestant revolt has banned any Catholic presence. The Roman basilica style with Romanesque campanile makes a marked contrast with the other churches of the city.
Zurich (pronounced, evidently, "tsur-ish") has numerous fountains, from all of which one can safely drink.

The river Limmat, near its entrance to Lake Zurick, mirrors the antique buildings of the altstadt, or old town. The green spire tops the Fraumunster which was once a women's abbey and, as with all the churches here, once Catholic. The Chagall stained glass windows there are a favorite with tourists.
Another reflection of one of many towers in Zurich.

A florist sells Edelweiss

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