Friday, June 18, 2010

Elements of continuity: Church of Saint Francis de Sales in Benedict, Md

The "high" altar at Saint Francis de Sales Church in Benedict, Md, was a gift from Saint Matthew's Cathedral in Washington. Constructed of a carrara-type white marble with gray veining, the central emblem on the face of the mensa is a wreath surrounding Mary's monogram of the letters "A" and "M" intertwined. This altar is used each week for the celebration of the Extraordinary Form Mass of the Roman Rite.

Ongoing repairs and restoration following a January fire at the church are expected to be completed early next week.


JimR said...

Will your first EF mass at St. Francis be on July 4 and will it be a Missa Contata? If so, I would like to attend.

MCITL said...

Yes to your first question.

As of this writing, no to your second question: I understand it will be a low Mass.

Thanks for your interest.


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