Monday, May 10, 2010

"Escaping" from the truth: a mass societal delusion

There is a common thread running through a particular mindset that manifests itself among those who say things like, "I USED to be Catholic" or "I was RAISED a Catholic" or "Thank you for reminding me why I am NO LONGER a Catholic" or similar expressions. These are manifestations of a mass delusion pervading society that one can somehow "escape" the truth by "escaping" from the Catholic Church.

No human person has it within their human power to "escape" from or evade the truth. Every human person was made by Truth, in the Truth, for the Truth. Choosing to join a particular religious sect that rejects a particular set of truths which mirrors those truths rejected by the individual who chooses to join said sect does absolutely nothing to release that particular individual from his or her ineradicable responsibility for seeking, knowing and following the truth. Such a choice simply prolongs the alienation of said individual from his or her irreducible destiny to know, love and follow the truth.

We were made for truth inasmuch as we were made by God; we are restless without the truth inasmuch as we are restless without God. God and truth are one.

There is no escaping the truth and the delusion by which a person convinces himself or herself that such is possible is a sad reduction of the human person and an attack against the image and likeness of God which is the basis of human dignity.

"Ego sum Via, Veritas et Vita; the truth will set you free."

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