Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Reproductive rights"?

"Reproductive rights" - what does that mean?

Coined by the cult of death, this phrase is liberally used to cover the agenda which seeks to use every means available, "legal" and illegal, to kill preborn children when for whatever reason they are deemed inconvenient.

This is another example of a euphemism popularly used to conveniently paper over a lie.

Reproduction is not killing. Reproduction means replacing oneself by giving life to another human being.

Reproductive rights, therefore, means not killing but, rather, demanding the defense of those conditions necessary within which man and woman, that is husband and wife, are able to bring new life into the world in the family unimpeded by the evil agendas of pagans, governments and others in the collusion against the right to life for every human being, a fundamental principle of justice.

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