Monday, December 7, 2009

PriestYear "Priest in Focus": Father Dan Leary

Father Dan Leary and the people of his parish, Jesus the Divine Word, are celebrating the Year of the Priest in a particularly intense way.

Father himself is praying for his brother priests by offering his Eucharistic holy hours, the children of the parish made and sent cards to the priests of the Archdiocese of Washington and the members of the parish at large are also keeping priests in prayer by name.

Sharon S. of Huntingtown, Maryland, has this to say about Father Leary:

"Fr. Dan Leary is my pastor and favorite priest. He closely resembles the spiritual side of St. John Vianney as his main purpose is to save souls.

"Before Fr. Dan came to our parish, we had the normal Saturday afternoon confessions with few attending. Now, he hears confessions every day and there are lines!! Through his prayers and encouragement, many people have come back to the church and there has been an incredible amount of people who have converted to Catholicism. He has a special way of touching people’s hearts.

"Fr. Dan spends many hours meeting with people in difficult situations as well as with people wanting spiritual advice. Through his example and great love of the Blessed Sacrament, many people have grown more deeply in love with Jesus.

Thank you, Father Dan Leary. A blessed Year of the Priest to you.

Photo: Father Greg Schaffer (right) is vested at his ordination by Father Daniel Leary. Source: St Andrew Q&A.

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Wendy Susanna said...

Fr. Dan Leary definitely brings out the best in people when it comes to spiritual maturity. It doesn't matter what Mass you go to, Adoration, etc...if he says there is going to be Confession, you better be near the Confessional or on your way to it - because there will be a line :) He's a wonderful priest and I'm so blessed to know him!

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